Blossom Development and Maynooth University MIIAccredited Professional Mediation Course Autumn and Winter 2024

This full programme leading to professional accreditation with the Mediators Institute of Ireland on passing a competency assessment  is run over eight full days and four evenings. 

It is facilitated by Catherine O’Connell and (Maynooth University).  The course incorporates knowledge and theories of mediation and conflict whilst being highly interactive. It intensively builds skills and knowledge of a generic mediation process suitable for people who wish to become mediators or who wish to be able to use mediation skills in their work and lives.

It includes four zoom classes from October to December and seven full days in-person at Maynooth University.  Completion of course work and successful completion of a competency assessment at the end of the course awards participants with a Certificate of Competency approved by the Mediator's Institute of Ireland. Successful candidates may then apply to register with the MII as a Certified Mediator eligible to practice.

Candidates who do not wish to undertake professional competency assessment complete phase one of the programme and on passing course work achieve a microcredentials in mediation qualification. They attend six full days and four evenings online.

The cost for the full programme is €2,300 and includes competency assessment fee. This course is in two phases: Phase one requires application through Maynooth University  PAC code is MMC17.  Payment is €1,950 through the university. 

Phase 2 consists of one extra days training in December and one day where participants will undergo a competency assessment. Payment is €350.00 through Blossom Development. Phase 2 includes training in December and includes competency assessment and applicaton is through Blossom Development. Payment is €350.00  

Course Aim: 

To equip participants with the knowledge, skills, attitude and awareness required to intervene positively and/or mediate with people experiencing conflict and difficulties in a variety of situations.

It is suitable for leaders, managers, HR consultants and employees along with those wishing to specialise in conflict intervention and communication.

The objectives (learning outcomes) of the programme are:

To understand the requirements of mediators pertaining to the Mediation Act 2017 and the Code of Ethics and Practice for Mediators Participants learn and understand the theory of conflict and the importance of a trauma informed approach

To develop understanding of how conflict happens, escalates and impacts people and organisations.

To develop awareness of conflict styles and facilitate skill development so that participants can expand their repertoire of conflict behaviours to suit the contexts they find themselves in. To attain a good knowledge of core mediation concepts, theories, models, processes, and principles.

To develop participants’ mediation skills to the level of competency as per MII certified assessment requirements.

To raise participants’ awareness of how their own triggers and biases can impact the mediation process and their own management of conflict at home and work.

To learn how to create an environment of trust, rapport and empowerment when facilitating people in conflict.

To write mediation agreements and to create informed consent forms (Agreements to mediate)that participants sign

Dates: and Times: Saturdays 28th September, 12th October, 2nd November, 16th November, 30th November, 7th December and Friday 13th December.    

Online classes are on Tuesday evenings 1st October, 5th, 12th and 26th November and 3rd December from 6pm to 8.00pm  

Competency Assessment:  Saturday 14th December 2024

Maximum 16 participants on this programme.

Venue:   Maynooth University and online   Contact or phone 0879936237 or submit an inquiry here

Certificate in Professional Mediation

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